In preparation for this afternoon’s House Tug of War Wally athletes were fuelled with a finely balanced diet of brightly coloured icing, buttercream and sponge courtesy of our inaugural House Bake Off where each house produced a ‘show stopper’ House Cake.

Catering Manager Mrs Kirkpatrick, together with Head of Houses Mr Castell and Bursar Mr Horner, had the enviable job of tasting and judging every cake with points awarded for presentation, taste and fluffiness.

Knole and Penshurst scored 8 fluffiness points a piece, Down picked up 8.5 points for presentation for their incredible cake recreation of Darwin Island and Penshurst scored 10 out of 10 for taste. Many congratulations to Penshurst’s Star Baker Gracey who baked the winner.

The cakes were enjoyed by everyone at break time and after school, with sales raising money for charity.

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