We’ll Meet Again Picture Gallery

Featuring a huge cast of Years 3, 4, 5 and 6, the ambitious Junior School production of World War Two musical, We’ll Meet Again was a resounding triumph.

Acting out the story of child evacuees gave pupils a fascinating history lesson in what life was like during the Second World War. The production was enhanced by the gas masks and sand bags pupils had made as props, by the fabulous costumes and make up, the wartime posters, frightening air raid sirens and a live band made up of Junior and Senior School staff members.

Assistant Junior School Head Mrs Conway masterminded the show, using every corner of the Main Hall for dramatic effect – and to keep year groups in their bubbles.

It was a tremendous effort, with the performances getting better and better with each of the three performances.

Thank you to Junior School parent Andrew Bruce-Lockhart for the use of his fabulous photos in our picture gallery above.

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