Bee Science Week Picture Gallery

Anything you ever wanted to know about bees is revealed in this year’s Science Week which launched on Monday.

The buzzing of bees greets visitors as soon as they step into the Science Block, thanks to a fantastic hive installation created by 3-Dimensional Design teacher Mrs Mulcahy. The hive’s hundreds of inhabitants were made by the School’s very own worker bee teachers and students.

Technician Mr Hayward has brought in a frame from his hive so we can see the bees in action. Spot the queen laying her eggs in the honeycomb, watch the drones doing a dance to show others where the nectar is and admire how they drag a dead bee out through the pipe to drop outside.

Illustrated fact sheets created by Years 7, 8 and 9 adorn the walls by the central staircase. Articles from science journals explain the latest research to further our understanding of bees and their venom and how this may even lead to new medical treatments.

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