Thank you to Ken and Mary Okoroafor, founders of The Humble Penny, who gave Year 8 pupils an inspirational talk as part of the Diverse Leaders Network (DLN) programme on Wednesday.

Through a series of challenges, activities and inspiring talks the DLN programme instils students with essential skills for employability, including, teamwork, confidence, public speaking and leadership. The Diverse Leaders Network empowers girls to champion causes they believe in and to propel themselves forward into meaningful careers.

A key part of the DLN programme is introducing students to successful leaders from organisations within many different market sectors. Wednesday’s business leaders, Ken and Mary Okoroafor founded The Humble Penny with the aim of sharing paths to financial independence to “create an enjoyable life of options and freedom without money worries for your future.” They inspired pupils as they spoke about setting up a business, following an idea that they are passionate about, and making sure that they have good self-knowledge in order to feel fulfilled, happy and able to achieve their ambitions in life. Ken and Mary advocated pursuing careers in areas where one has a passion to achieve happiness and fulfilment and stressed the importance of finding purpose and enjoyment in mastering personal finances.



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