The show has gone on in the Ship Theatre as Year 10 and 12 students have performed their devised plays to small, bubbled audiences.

With the theatre doors closed to our usual evening audiences of parents and outside visitors, the Drama department has acted as repertory company, performing the roster of new material from Years 10 and 12 to specific class bubbles of pupils during their Drama lessons and lunchtimes. This has hugely benefitted Drama students who have been able to gauge reaction to the plays which they have written, directed and produced and who have built on the crucial experience of performing in front of an audience.

In this term’s devised plays Year 10 have entertained and educated their audiences with mature performances exploring a huge range of challenging topics and events. Love from your Mother, followed the experiences of two young women at the Tuam Mother and Baby Home in Ireland in 1949. Leave your past behind, told the story of a family taken over by a cult in 1890’s America. A socialite was poisoned in whodunnit, The Jealousy Game and Two-faced saw a kidnapping perpetrated by a character with a split personality disorder.

Congratulations to the Drama students and department for putting on this impressive programme of new plays.

Photo Gallery – Year 10 Devised Plays May 2021

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