This week – National Careers Week – teachers are focusing students’ minds on the skills they are developing that will stand them in good stead for whatever work they pursue.

In Monday’s Prayers (assembly) our Careers Coordinator, Mrs Hayes looked at the future of work and explained the phrase “The Fourth Industrial Revolution” which refers to the rapid pace of innovation across emerging technologies.

Amid all this change, she reassured us, the need for people with certain key skills and qualities will remain. Curiosity, initiative, mental agility, and the skills of analysis, critical thinking, collaboration and leadership are all developed in the classroom and in other initiatives such as The Extended Project Qualification, PSHE lessons,  Enterprise, Duke of Edinburgh volunteering and work experience.

Students can also access a National Careers Week Virtual Careers Fair which features people working in a range of workplaces and offers information on jobs and pathways into different careers.


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