What’s not to love about the Junior School’s PE activities this lockdown? Pupils were entertained with no less than FOUR ‘Where’s Wally’ characters during one recent lesson – who knew our Sports teachers owned so many stripy t-shirts? The multiple Wallies popped up everywhere and ensured a very energetic workout for everyone.

Next up is the “Race Around the UK Challenge”, where pupils and staff are encouraged to walk, run or cycle each and send in their total distances for a weekly House tally. So far Streatfeild are out in front, but this could all change.  Which House will be the first to get back to Sevenoaks?

In other colourful sports news, Miss Olver has created a Wheel of Fitness which is delivering mystery exercises according to where the arrow lands…

This is far too much energetic fun to ignore, even on a wet Wednesday in February!

The Wheel of Fitness

More Wallies!

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