In English this week, Year 5 were introduced their new topic of ‘Autumn Poetry’ by taking part in an Autumnal walk around the school grounds. The pupils used their senses to come up with a bank of powerful nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs and descriptive phrases to explain what they could see, hear, smell and feel. Having laid their Autumn leaf harvest out in a ‘colour continuum’, girls extended their vocabulary by each thinking of a different colour word for their leaves; without using ‘brown, red, green or yellow’!

Outside in the beautiful soft sunshine, we discussed figurative language and imagery and how we can use these in our own writing. Pupils will now take their knowledge into exploring different types of writing, including poetry, and investigate how writers and poets use these techniques to create different effects. Pupils are looking forward to using their new understanding to create, learn and perform their own Autumn Poem to the rest of the year group.

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