there is no one place to arrive at… the true joy of life is the trip

The Station, by Robert Hastings

After the strangest end ever to Year 13, we welcomed back our 2020 Leavers on Thursday for a proper goodbye.

Staff and students gathered – at a 2 metre distance – for the first time on site since March to meet each other, celebrate A level results and share excitement about the future.

Miss Ferro opened the event in the Sports Hall with a reading of The Station, by Robert Hastings, reminding us to embrace the journey of life.

As only students and staff could attend, we reproduce for parents Miss Ferro’s short speech:

“Leavers of 2020, as you prepare to sail away on seas as yet uncharted, when you come up later to be presented with your certificate, in addition we gift each of you a silver ship pendant; a ship sailing on the oaky leaves. I trust it will be a fond reminder of your time with us here and a symbol of your personal voyage of discovery, however tempestuous and stormy the seas are. I trust that when you wear it you will remember this visible sign here today of the support and fellowship of Walthamstow Hall, wishing you well, wishing you joy and success, wishing you true contentment. Stay true to your heritage, be thankful for the many good things you have been granted and travel on with gratitude and purpose, knowing that you voyage with the support and belief of your whole Wally family.”

Then Head of Sixth Form Mrs Brown spoke, recalling when she started her role in their second term of Y12 she soon realised this “diverse, kind… always¬†friendly” group had one thing in common – “a Wally spirit”. She advised everyone to take things in their stride and to remember “a smile goes a long way”.

Outgoing Head Girl Eleanor then thanked the teachers on behalf of the students, for helping them navigate an exceptionally strange year.

Students were then presented with their silver ship pendant and a certificate personalised to their attributes.

Goodbye Year 13, thank you for all the smiles and memories.

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