Here’s a post we won’t forget in a hurry – a picture of the country’s new Junior Memory Champion and runner up!

Huge congratulations to Sophie (pictured above) and Zoe (pictured below) who finished first and second respectively in the Junior Memory Championship Finals held by The Learning Skills Foundation.

As part of their Spring Term Study Skills lessons Mrs Potter taught Year 6 pupils different memory techniques including: how to organise information, how to use stories and locations, how to visualise numbers and how to remember names and faces.

Sophie, Zoe and their classmates put these skills to excellent use as they sat memory tests in Words, Numbers, Names and Faces. They had 5 minutes to remember as much as they could from a data sheet and then had to remember as many words and numbers as they could and answer questions about the text from memory and match names to faces.

Many congratulations on this memorable feat Sophie and Zoe.

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