As part of Walthamstow Hall’s Careers Programme, Year 10 pupils have had the opportunity to complete an optional careers assessment this week. The results of the assessment will be consolidated into individualised reports to give pupils an insight into potential careers that may suit and inspire them and assist them in choosing their A Level subjects.
The assessment process started on Tuesday with an initial introduction by our Careers Coordinator Mrs Hayes via Microsoft Teams. 46 Year 10s then went on to complete their MyCareersChoices and MyAptitude careers assessments at home. The first assessment (MyCareerChoices) consisted of 300 questions relating to interests, skills, academic qualities and personal qualities to produce an Interest Profile based on over 40 broad career areas.  The answers to these questions combined with the results from the timed aptitude test matches pupils with suitable careers.  Together the assessments provide valuable insights into the work and careers best suited to the pupil’s skills, abilities and interests.
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