The Senior School kitchen has been put to good use during lockdown.

Adrian and Rose are busy cooking lunch every day for the local children attending our Key Worker Child Care Hub whilst Catering Manager Mrs Kirkpatrick is preparing meals for local people in need, including lunches for the elderly who are being supported by Age UK. Mrs Kirkpatrick is also volunteering for local charity Lockdown Larder, established to help local residents who have been impacted by lost income. The School freezers are being used to store food donated to the charity, for example by Sevenoaks’ Waitrose and the Eynsford Tea Rooms (transported using the School minibuses).

In between cooking, Mrs Kirkpatrick is also shopping and collecting medication for 9 local families and running errands for and accompanying neighbours to hospital appointments.

Kindness was the theme of Monday’s Prayers. As part of the assembly Miss Ferro quoted comic strip creator Scott Adams who said, ‘Remember there’s no such thing as an act of kindness. Every act creates a ripple with no logical end.’ We are so proud of our catering department whose kindness is certainly having this effect in our community.

*Note, photograph taken prior to lockdown and social distancing guidance being issued. 

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