In these peculiar times a little happiness goes a long way and we are really enjoying this funny positive poem, full of lockdown home truths by Charlotte P in Year 5.

It’s lockdown time
We’re all at home
But never, ever
Feel alone.
The garden’s bright
It’s full of sun
You’re playing football
Having fun.
In lockdown there is time to bake
So go ahead
and make a cake.

Whilst Mummy makes
Banana Bread
Daddy shaves
My brother’s head.
Chatting with your
Friends on Zoom
Keeps away
all the gloom.
So do not have a giant frown.
There’s happiness
in lockdown.

Charlotte wrote her poem as part of her World Studies lessons where some pupils have chosen to learn about the invention of the printing press and the creation of the Gutenberg Bible in the fifteenth century. Their challenge was to create a poem to communicate a special message and encourage people to believe in something – a bit like the Gutenberg’s Bible.


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