History lessons for Years 7, 8 and 9 have been utilising excellent online resources, including the National Archives and Parliament websites this week.

Year 8 headed to a virtual Westminster to  learn about the power of Parliament and the changing relationship between Monarch and State through history. History teacher Mrs Scott sent pupils on a  treasure hunt of the Houses of Parliament using  the  tour on the Parliament website to find clues to help them answer questions set on Firefly.

“I enjoyed all the different directions you could move on the virtual tour of the Houses of Parliament and that you could see practically all the rooms! The questions were also good to answer because you could find the answers in the different information boxes on the virtual tour”, Georgina

“One thing I have learnt about Parliament is that members in the House of Commons may not speak from the floor of the House between these two red lines. I found the virtual gallery very fun and useful! I love being able to look at the beautiful ceilings and arcs and be able to find helpful and interesting facts about almost everything in the rooms. The questions also made me notice a lot more around Parliament too and were easy to access and understand”, Scarlet”I’ve learnt that the house of commons and the house of lords are completely different things and they do different jobs. I really enjoyed the 360 experience because it was a fun way of learning. I found everything easy to access and the instructions on what to do were really clear. Overall, I really enjoyed this week’s work on parliament, and it wasn’t too hard to complete but it was a challenge”, Lizzie

“I learnt that parliament has different departments and to make something law it must be signed by the Queen. I enjoyed finding out things about parliament”, Estella

Year 7 pupils, meanwhile, have been using the National Archives website to judge if the Magna Carta will bring lasting peace. They have been listening to the clauses of the Magna Carta as well as the thoughts of King John and the Barons. They will be writing and submitting their own Medieval Chronicle judging if the Magna Carta will bring everlasting peace. Year 9 are travelling back to WW1, taking part in an online simulation looking at what life was like in the trenches on the western front during WW1. The students have taken the role of a new recruit and have to answer questions based on what they have read to determine their recruits overall morale during their time on the Front Line.

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