Here is a little advert for this week’s task for Year 7 students.

is Walthamstow Hall’s specialised study and life skills programme and is a weekly fixture in the time table for younger Year groups at the Senior School.

Q lessons this term have been designed to get students away from a screen for a while and outside in the fresh air. They focus on the outside world and ask students to respond to it in a number of creative and fun ways. Families are very welcome to join in too!

This week’s Year 7’s  Q task can be done on any day. Instructions can be found on Firefly and are repeated here:

1) Get a notebook or piece of paper and something to write with, and your phone.
2) If you can, go outside and sit in your garden. If this is not possible, open a window and sit by it.
3) Switch off all notifications on your phone, except for a timer which you will set for 5 minutes. Put your phone out of reach.
4) Sit still and in silence – it will be really hard not to fidget or check your phone, but really try. Try to move past your thoughts and concentrate on what you can see (if you have your eyes open), what you can hear, smell and feel. Sit still and experience what is around you.
5) When the timer goes, stretch out gently and slowly start to move again. Write down what you noticed when you were quiet and how it made you feel. Your family can contribute to this too if they took part.
6) Type up your observations as a comment to us on Firefly by the end of next Monday and click complete. We’ll be doing it too!

Thank you to Danielle whose photograph, taken as part of the Easter holiday ‘Stop and Stare’ photography project has been used to illustrate this story.

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