Emphatic senior win - Walthamstow Hall

Our swimmers have won a close home fixture against Sevenoaks School, coming out on top in every category:

Walthamstow HallSevenoaks School
Juniors (Y7 & Y8)45Juniors (Y7 & Y8)41
Intermediates (Y9 & Y10)47Intermediates (Y9 & Y10)43
Seniors (Y11, Y12, & Y13)59Seniors (Y11, Y12 & Y13)29
Squadron Relay8Squadron Relay6


Final Scores
Walthamstow Hall159 points
Sevenoaks School119 points


Walthamstow Hall’s Head Swimming Coach Mr Richard Smith praised the students for an excellent result against strong opposition: “it was a fantastic team effort with all swimmers gaining valuable points to achieve the overall winning score for Walthamstow Hall”.



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