A group of Year 8s have each given a presentation at the Institute of Directors, the culmination of a 12 week course on leadership run by the Diverse Leaders Network.

The students have been learning about growth mindsets, identifying their own leadership styles and the power of vision, among other topics in their weekly workshops.

External speakers working in leadership roles attended three of their sessions and set them ‘real world’ challenges.

In London on Monday evening, the students spoke for several minutes on a topic close to their heart, which included homelessness, plastic pollution, organ donation rates and career mentoring for the underprivileged.

At the end of their speeches, each one gave her name followed by the phrase “I am tomorrow’s leader”.

Parents, Miss Ferro and other members of staff attended the evening.

At the end, DLN founder Gloria Ogunyemi said in a world seemingly full of bad news, watching the girls’ presentations gave her hope.

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