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Junior School girls have had a thrilling day exploring the diverse cultures represented in their school, through activities such as yodelling and story-telling, dance and ICT.

We hold our whole-school days termly and the theme of this one was “A World in our School”.  After some input from parents, we presented aspects of Irish, Swiss / Austrian, New Zealand, Russian, British and Chinese national customs.

We also investigated symbols and architecture from Hindu, Buddhist, Islamic and Christian religions.

Community Day gave girls a chance to become more aware of the worlds others live in, as well as learning how we can all share and respect others’ experiences and viewpoints.

Here are some of their responses:

‘Yodelling is a traditional Alpine way of singing…we tried our best to do this!’

‘I loved doing the Chinese calligraphy because I liked learning the new words and using a paintbrush and ink.’ Alice

I liked the Irish dancing. It was very energetic .’ Isabel

‘The temples were really cool!’ Lucy

‘This is the best day ever!’ Abigail

Thank you to all the parents who shared their ideas and time, greatly enriching the day.



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