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With over 60 actors and a busy backstage crew, Miss Harris has worked her own magic to create the first production she has directed at Walthamstow Hall.

One end of the sports field was transformed into a lovely setting for Shakespeare’s tale of magical romantic mess ups, with the help of music, fairy lights and a couple of flowery thrones. Luck was on our side; the weather held for both outdoor performances and staff, family and friends enjoyed a picnic and a drink, serenaded by the choir before the play began.

There were some great quirky touches: the fairies all wore bright pink t-shirts bearing the legend: “Though she be but little, she is fierce“, and they wafted their arms around to show off gauzy lilac wings even when ‘asleep’ on set.

The main parts were played by different students in the two Acts, allowing lots of talent to shine through. Puck was mischevious and the Mechanicals enjoyed milking every drop of  humour out of their scenes.

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