Boulogne Gallery

The sun shone for the annual Year 8 day trip to Boulogne on Friday 11th May.

62 students and eight staff made the journey. Excitement levels on the ferry over suddenly rose a notch when someone spotted an actor from the CBBC series Hetty Feather. He very kindly agreed to multiple selfies.

After a half hour drive from Calais it was straight onto the vast, sandy beach at Boulogne for a picnic. Then a visit to NausicaĆ” – Europe’s largest aquarium – to marvel at the huge variety of sealife in all colours of the rainbow, swimming and floating through the tanks.

From NausicaĆ” the group walked up to the old part of Boulogne to enjoy a stroll around the cobbled streets. Many of the girls made a good effort with their French as they bought and sampled baguettes, ice creams and candyfloss. Everyone returned tired but happy.



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