Kent Schools’ Individual Swimming Champions Photo Gallery

Fabulous news from our swimmers; they have won the Kent Secondary Schools Individual Swimming Championships for the first time, making us the best girls’ school for swimming in Kent.

Walthamstow Hall was well-represented, the following students competed in 24 individual events: Fern, Madeleine, Amber, Amelia, Mimi, Millie, Jasmine, Katie, Edith, Lilie, Imogen, Laura, Leane, Isabella and Emma.

Those who placed in the top six positions received medals:

In the Junior Age Group (years 7-8):

Fern placed 4th in the 200m Individual Medley and 6th in the 100m Backstroke.

In the Intermediate Age Group (years 9-10):

Mimi won Gold in the 100m Butterfly.

Lilie won Silver in the 100m Freestyle and 100m Butterfly.

Millie won Silver in the 100m backstroke and Silver in the 200m Individual Medley.

Edith won Bronze in the 100m Freestyle.

Jasmine won Bronze in the 100m Backstroke.

Imogen won Bronze in the 100m Breaststroke.

Katie placed 4th in the 100m Breaststroke and 5th in the 200m Individual Medley.

In the Senior Age Group (years 11-13):

Emma won Gold in the 100m Freestyle and Silver in the 100m Backstroke.

Laura placed 4th in the 100m Freestyle and 5th in the 100m Butterfly.

Isabella placed 6th in the 100m Breaststroke.

This was an exceptionally good performance by all the girls who competed for Walthamstow Hall. The top three teams gained the following points:

1st place: Walthamstow Hall with 63 points

2nd place: Dane Court Grammar School with 45 points

3rd place: Weald of Kent Grammar School with 41 points

Last year Walthamstow Hall finished second, so it was great to see the students win it overall this year. Very well done to all who took part and a big thank you to the parents who came to watch and support the competitors.

Kent Champions Photo Gallery

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