Walthamstow Hall swimmers rounded off a very busy Autumn term of competition with a win against Holmewood House Girls for the Juniors and Kent College for the Seniors which meant that they had  won all five swimming matches against schools in Kent that term.


The School’s Junior Swim Team competed against Holmewood House Girls at home on Tuesday. Every swimmer performed exceptionally well; we won eight out of the nine relay events and won the competition overall.

The final results were: Walthamstow Hall 63 points, Holmewood House girls 37 points.

There were first places for the following swimmers in individual events:

Year 3

25m Breastroke – Alexia, 25m Front Crawl – Eva, 25m Freestyle – Alexia

Year 4

25m Backstroke – Imogen M, 25m Breastroke – Imogen M, 25m Butterfly – Imogen S, 25m Freestyle – Imogen S

Year 5

25m Backstroke – Sophie Cr, 25m Breastroke – Sophie Cr, 25m Butterfly – Sophie Ca, 25m Freestyle – Sophie Ca,

Year 6

25m Backstroke – Charlotte, 25m Breastroke – Caitlin, 25m Butterfly – Annabelle, 25m Freestyle – Caitlin


Our Senior team beat Kent College convincingly on Wednesday, winning in the Junior, Intermediate and Senior categories to secure the overall score of Walthamstow Hall 157 points, Kent College 106 points.

Our swimmers won 11 of the 15 individual events with first places for:

Beth, Emma, Eva, Fern, Leane, Lilie, Millie and Mimi.

Walthamstow Hall also won all of the relay events on the day.

All of the girls have been a credit to the School’s competitive swim programme, a big well done to you all, Team Wally

Mr Richard Smith, Head Swimming Coach



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