Walthamstow Hall’s ninth Headmistress, Miss Stephanie Ferro, took the helm in 2018, the School’s 180th anniversary year. In a remarkable twist of fate Miss Ferro is Walthamstow Hall’s third successive Headmistress to have graduated from St Anne’s College, Oxford, following in the footsteps of Mrs Jill Milner (2002 – 2017) and Mrs Jackie Lang (1984 – 2002). This happy coincidence was celebrated in an article in the St Anne’s magazine for alumnae, ‘The Ship’.

Writing in the magazine, Miss Ferro’s predecessor, Mrs Jill Milner said;

‘I was struck, and yet not surprised, to discover that my successor at Walthamstow Hall was to be a fellow St Anne’s graduate. I might reasonably have been expected to be much more surprised by this coincidence given that I myself followed another St Anne’s graduate in the role in 2002. Kismet? Coincidence? Wildean ‘carelessness’? I don’t believe so. It seems to me that St Anne’s and Walthamstow Hall have much in common, both in style and substance: unpretentious, principled and committed to extending opportunity because enlightened education is so precious.’

In a further connection, Miss Ferro was a student in Mrs Lang’s form when a senior school pupil at the Ursuline Convent!

Mrs Lang, Mrs Milner and Miss Ferro are pictured together here at the opening of the Lang Sixth Form Centre in December 2017.

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