The fabulous girls in Years 1 and 2 brought us the story of mean Goblin Man, who makes life a misery for his woodland neighbours, before realising he needs a friend and changing his ways.

The girls’ enjoyment of this production shone through their performances at the end of November.

There were some catchy songs, from the opening What A Great Day In The Woods, through to The Goblin Man, sung convincingly by Charlotte as she snarled: “I’m miserable and darned-right mean!”. Her fellow Goblins dance moves added to the fun.

Thank you to our parents for all your help with costumes, props and painting the beautiful set. Thank you also for your generosity; Goblin and Squirrel took nearly £200 in the collection for the RNLI at the end of the productions.

The Goblin Next Door Photo Gallery

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