We were delighted to welcome Old Girl Lucy Lake as Guest of Honour at Senior Prize-Giving on Saturday.

Lucy is CEO of the international charity CAMFED, which since it started 25 years ago has supported more than 2.6 million marginalised girls in five African countries through school.

The charity believes that “When you educate a girl, everything changes”. Many CAMFED students have gone on to become doctors, teachers and leaders in their own communities, and through their own alumnae organisation have supported the next generation of girls in school.

Lucy’s advice for Wally students was to question rather than accept received wisdom.  She has been involved with CAMFED since its start, when established charities advised that their aim of educating girls in developing countries would not work.

Lucy and her team challenged this thinking and started by supporting 30 girls in school, a number which has now grown into millions. Thank you Lucy for your speech and the inspiring work you do.

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