Important Information for Students

Students must adhere to all of the following guidance in public examinations.

Important Information for all candidates from JCQ

Walthamstow Hall Examination Policies

Walthamstow Hall has an extensive suite of policies relating to the management of public examinations.

Examinations – Security of Exam Papers June 2018 Examinations – Non-Examination Assessment Policy June 2018(Replaces Controlled Assessment Policy) Examinations – Emergency Procedures for Public Examinations June 2018 Examinations – Exam Contingency Plan June 2018 Examinations – Disability in Public Examinations June 2018 Examinations – Appeals Procedure June 2018 Examinations – Acceptable Use of a Word Processor in a Public Examination June 2018 Examinations – Access Arrangements Policy 2018 new Examinations – Absent and Late Students June 2018