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Years 1 and 2

Curriculum Years 1and 2 Core Subjects
Curriculum Years 1and 2 Foundation Subjects (replaces Art currently listed on site map)
Curriculum Years 1and 2 Science
Curriculum Years 1and 2 Sport

In Years 1 and 2 your daughter will continue to follow a carefully planned, broad programme ensuring progression. A wide range of extra-curricular activities will be offered to enrich her education and provide many opportunities to explore her interests and discover her talents.


The national curriculum for Key Stage 1 provides the foundation on which our broad curriculum is built – but we don’t stop there; our curriculum goes beyond the national curriculum recommendations and the standards achieved are often in advance of national expectations. We believe in the curriculum being comprehensive, interesting and fun.

Core Literacy and Numeracy skills are developed through daily lessons with much one-one attention.

Weekly lessons in Religious Studies, Science, ICT, History, Geography, P.E., Swimming, Ballet, Art, Music and PHSE are also given.

In Year 2 French is formally introduced in a weekly lesson.


In Year 1 the girls have daily reading, with Maths and spellings at the weekend.

In Year 2 the girls are given daily reading homework and twice weekly English and/or Maths homework with weekly spellings to learn.