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Wraparound Care

Walthamstow Hall Junior School offers Wraparound Care from 7:15am in the morning to 6:00pm in the evening, Monday – Friday, for girls from Early Years through to Year 6.

Wraparound Care is based in ‘The Studio’, a large flexible space at the front of the Junior School with cloakroom provision and easy access for parents, who are able to park in the bottom car park whilst dropping off or collecting their daughters.

Both the Breakfast and After School Clubs are supervised by staff who are First Aid and Early Years trained. Hot food for both clubs is prepared by Walthamstow Hall’s own catering staff and tea is served in the Dining Hall.

Breakfast Club

In the morning, pupils are able to join Breakfast Club at any time from 7:15 – 8:00am. Breakfast options include hot food, cereal, fruit, toast and fruit juice. After breakfast, pupils will be able to play and read inside. Older pupils will be able to join their friends playing outside from 8:00am whilst Early Years 1 girls will remain inside and then be escorted to the Early Years classroom for the start of the day at 8:30am.

After School Club

Girls in Pre-Prep who have older sisters in Prep, are able to stay in school until 4:00pm as part of the ‘Late Stay’ facility offered to enable parents with daughters in different sections of the school to have one pick-up time. Girls in Early Years are also able to use this facility. This service also provides an emergency ‘cushion’ for parents when they are unexpectedly detained and unable to collect their daughters at the usual time. This facility is free of charge.

After School Club commences at 4:00pm and provides care in school up until 6:00pm. Pupils in Prep attend Homework Club, supervised by a teacher, and at 4:45pm enjoy a hot meal taken from a 4-week rotating menu. Meal options include but are not limited to jacket potato, lasagne, chicken pie and vegetarian. Pupils participate in games, arts and crafts activities and outdoor play. After School Club is available to all pupils, including Early Years.

Booking and Pricing

Parents can choose the number of Breakfast Club and/or After School Club sessions to best suit their family’s needs. Places can be booked a week, month or term in advance by completing this form. The form is also available from wraparoundcare@whall.school.

Cost per session:

Breakfast Club 7:15 - 8:00am £5
Early Years 1 pupils only 8:00 - 8:30am £5

After School Club 4:00pm until 6:00pm £9.50


Whilst as much notice as possible is advisable for the cancellation of a Breakfast or After School Club session, we understand that family plans often change at short notice, so sessions can be cancelled as close to 24 hours before the session. Sessions cancelled within 24 hours will be charged. Sessions can be cancelled by telephoning the Junior School Office, 01732 453 815 or emailing wraparoundcare@whall.school .