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Welcome to the Walthamstow Hall Old Girls' Association

Founded in 1899 the Walthamstow Hall Old Girls' Association (W.O.G.A) is now 115 years young. Our first news sheet was published in 1902 and since that day the Association has gone from strength to strength. Today we have over 1,000 members around the globe and, just as in the early days, act as a source of friendship and support for former pupils of the school.

Becoming President of the Old Girls' Association would never have crossed my mind during my ten mischief-filled years as a boarder at Wally Hall in the 1970s. I was too engrossed in playing lacrosse, scrabbling to get a front-row seat for Thursday night 'Top of the Pops' or roaming the school after dark in search of bread and butter! Life has a habit of coming full-circle though and, after a career in law and raising three boys, I am delighted to find myself President of Walthamstow Hall Old Girls' Association. This is an exciting time for our organisation as we can use today's communication technologies to take our long-established role of keeping former pupils in touch with one another to a whole new level, making Walthamstow Hall Old Girls' Association an organisation to rival the established 'old boy' networks of old!


Caroline Ayers (Cheshire)
Walthamstow Hall Old Girls' Association President

Old Girls' Association President

Students join Walthamstow Hall Old Girls’ Association as they leave school, usually taking up a ten year membership. Memberships can then be renewed, or indeed new memberships taken out, at any time.

Walthamstow Hall Old Girls' Association members receive an annual magazine, full of news from old girls and a complete directory of members. Membership also brings access to new Old Girl Association pages of this website which includes the latest old girl news and a new careers mentoring programme. Walthamstow Hall Old Girls' Association also organises an annual summer reunion at school each June and an autumn dinner either in London or at school, to which all old girls are invited.

To join the Old Girls' Association or renew your membership click the the box on the right.