Sixth Form - Student Life - Extra Curricular Activities - Teams


"At all stages, and for the range of abilities, the extra-curricular programme is extensive and varied, providing pupils with abundant opportuntiy to develop their interests and talents.  Those in years 12 and 13 make very good use of the new fitness centre...Activities are well attended and often involve older pupils assisting younger ones, adding benefit to both groups and to the sense of community within the school." ISI 2013

There is plenty of choice to encourage students to enjoy exercise either in team sports or through the use of the gym, sports hall, squash courts, swimming pool or organised fitness classes. Every Sixth Former has the chance to be active and involved and its easy to learn new skills.

Walthamstow Hall's major team sports are lacrosse, netball, swimming, tennis and rounders with teams also representing the school in athletics, badminton, gymnastics, judo, fencing, hockey, squash and curling. Teams representing each age group of girls exist for each sport enabling girls to participate throughout their Senior School and Sixth Form career.

Lacrosse Away Fixture addresses