JS Philosophy and Approach

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Philosophy & Approach

"Walthamstow Hall Junior School educates girls to achieve their full potential by offering them an exceptional range of opportunities.”


  • all individuals are respected and their individuality valued
  • pupils are encouraged to achieve and expectations are high
  • consideration for others and self-discipline are promoted and good behaviour is the norm
  • pupils learn both to lead and to serve and develop a sense of responsibility both within school and in the wider community
  • rewards and sanctions are applied consistently and fairly
  • pupils, staff, governors and parents work in partnership

We aim to provide a broad education, rich in opportunity, in a Christian setting that will foster confidence and prepare girls for challenging and fulfilling lives in the 21st Century.


  • Always treat other people in the way that you would like to be treated.
  • Always look after your property and make sure you have what is needed for each lesson.
  • Always respect other people's property and treat it carefully and sensibly.
  • Always respect school property and treat it with care.
  • Always be polite and helpful to staff and visitors.
  • Always stand when a visitor or Mrs Wood enters your classroom (unless you are advised not to do so).
  • Always be punctual to lessons and activities.
  • Always inform the teacher if you need to be late or to miss a lesson.
  • Always use good table manners.
  • Always think before you act.
  • Always try to behave in such a way that your parents and teachers will be proud of you.
  • Never bully or tease others.
  • Never use bad language.
  • Never do or say anything which you might later regret.
  • Never behave in a way which may put yourself or other people in danger.
  • Always do your best.