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Pastoral Care

“The school provides an outstanding quality of care for pupils. In a happy, caring community pupils develop in accordance with the school’s aims.” ISI Report 2007.

“Throughout the school, care and concern are evident in the outstanding relationships that exist between pupils and staff. Teachers and pupils work together purposefully.” ISI Report 2007.

Girls thrive in our school environment where courtesy, consideration and common sense are actively encouraged and behaviour is excellent. If the boundaries are ever tested, we see such situations as a learning opportunity and look for a positive outcome.

In assemblies, our teaching of Christian values and celebration of effort and achievement creates an ethos that underpins the positive and caring atmosphere of the school.

The day to day pastoral care of each girl is overseen by her Form Teacher who she sees every day. With Form sizes of usually around 16 Form Teachers are able to get to know each of their individual students very well and play a vital role in their care as well as in communicating information about the girls to other staff and to parents.

Safeguarding Children