“Pupils benefit from much individual attention and assistance, both in and out of the classroom, and staff give generously of their time.  Lessons are typically planned with meticulous care, paced well and include a good variety of interesting and stimulating activities designed to challenge the pupils.” ISI Inspection Report 2013

Our curriculum reflects our belief in the importance of the individual: it is designed to offer unusual breadth, choice and flexibility.

Lessons are delivered by highly qualified, enthusiastic specialists with a love for their subjects and a real commitment to their pupils and the process of teaching and learning.

From the beginning, teaching takes place in optimum-sized groups in attractive, purpose-built, modern classrooms grouped in dedicated department areas. Lessons are well-equipped with ICT and other resources.

Students start in Year 7 with a broad base of 17 subjects including Latin, French and Design Technology. Unusually, Science is delivered separately as Biology, Chemistry and Physics from the first year.

In Year 8 students add Creative Textiles and a second Modern Foreign Language (either German or Spanish) to their programmes and can opt to take Design Technology or Latin.

In Year 9 students continue with their second language and can also opt to take Creative Textiles, Design Technology (Three Dimensional Design), Latin or PE Theory.

Study and Research Skills and Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education, feature as discrete subjects from Year 7.

At the end of Year 9, GCSE and IGCSE options are chosen, with most students continuing with ten subjects to GCSE. ‘Twilight’ and ‘fast-track’ courses offered to GCSE are one example of how our curriculum is shaped to achieve maximum choice, tailored to the individual.

Most students sit GCSE Religious Studies at the end of Year 10 and other subjects and qualifications early if it is judged appropriate. However, there is no pressure to take exams prematurely or to gain numbers of qualifications at the expense of enjoyment and deeper understanding. For some, particularly the gifted and talented, time for independent study and personal research may be a wiser investment of time and energy.

Whatever her ability, each student receives personal guidance in choosing the best possible programme to suit her particular profile and career aims.

At both GCSE/IGCSE and A level/Pre-U in the Sixth Form, Walthamstow Hall students are able to choose option combinations freely rather than from predetermined blocks.

At every stage the aim is to prepare students for the next phase of education and to ensure that they obtain the qualifications they need as a passport to Higher Education and careers.

Senior School Curriculum Choices 2016 - 2017

Curriculum Policy

Curriculum Summary Years 7–9

All girls follow a broad and balanced curriculum.

Year 7 Subjects Year 8 Subjects Year 9 Subjects
Art Art Art
Biology Biology Biology
Chemistry Chemistry Chemistry
  Creative Textiles Creative Textiles**
Design Technology Design Technology* Design Technology** 
Drama Drama Drama
English English English
Food & Nutrition    
French French French
Geography Geography Geography
History History History
Computing Computing Computing
Latin Latin Latin**
Mathematics Mathematics Mathematics
Music Music Music
Physical Education Physical Education Physical Education
    Physical Education Theory** 
Physics Physics Physics
Theology & Philosophy Theology & Philosophy Religious Studies GCSE course starts
  Girls opt to study a second language, either German or Spanish Girls continue with their second language, either German or Spanish
  *Girls can opt to take Design Technology or Latin ** Girls can also opt to take Creative Textiles, PE Theory, Latin or Design Technology (Three Dimensional Design)

Curriculum GCSE and IGCSE Courses Offered

Ancient Greek GCSE
Art (Fine) GCSE
Art (Textiles) GCSE
Art (Three Dimensional Design) GCSE
Biology IGCSE
Chemistry IGCSE
Computer Science IGCSE
Design and Technology, 3 Dimensional Design GCSE
Drama GCSE
English Language IGCSE
English Literature IGCSE
French IGCSE
German IGCSE
Geography GCSE
History IGCSE
Mathematics GCSE
Additional Mathematics FSMQ
Physical Education GCSE short course
Physics IGCSE
Religious Studies GCSE short course
Double Award Science IGCSE
Spanish IGCSE

*FSMQ = Free Standing Mathematics Qualification

Information on A levels and Pre-U in Sixth Form pages