Janine Gibson

Editor-in-chief theguardian.com

After graduating from St John's College, Oxford, where she studied English Literature, 1990 leaver Janine Gibson pursued a career in journalism. Following working as a correspondent for both The Guardian and The Independent, Janine became editor-in-chief of Media Guardian and editor of guardian.co.uk. Janine was editor-in-chief of Guardian US, heading up a New York City based newsroom and leading the Pulitzer prize winning team which broke the Edward Snowden story. Janine recently returned to the UK where she is now editor-in-chief of theguardian.com

"Everyone I've spoken to who went to this school with me had an experience that has defined who they are now. For me, it was my English teacher who encouraged me, gave me extra reading lists, took me to plays and suggested other ways to broaden the way I thought about literature.

For one of my friends it was a music teacher who did much the same thing, for another it was being in and directing a house play, for another it was actually being caught doing something slightly bad and pulled up in the right way."

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