Lunch menus

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Lunch Menus

Walthamstow Hall has been ahead of the recent trend of changing school dinners, investing heavily in new kitchen equipment, staff training and devising healthy and nutritious new menus using fresh, seasonal and, where possible, locally sourced ingredients.

Walthamstow Hall is a nut free school. Lunch menus are all nut free. In addition, students must not bring in nuts, or snacks containing nuts, for their break or packed lunches.

Daily Senior School Menus for Spring Term 2017

Week 1 - 5th & 6th January, and weeks commencing: 30th January and 6th March

Week 2 - weeks commencing: 9th January, 6th February and 13th March

Week 3 - weeks commencing: 16th January 20th February and 20th March

Week 4 - weeks commencing: 23rd January and 27th February