Leaver Destinations

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Leavers' Destinations


The breadth and flexibility of the Walthamstow Hall curriculum combined with expert teaching and encouragement to be ambitious in developing their potential enables our students to be highly successful in their post-Sixth Form choices.  Over 95% of our students progress into Higher Education each year and over the past four years more than two thirds of these final destinations have been to Russell Group Universities.

However, we encourage our students to explore carefully the wide range of excellent course available at different institutions. A dedicated programme of advice and guidance for individual students at each stage of the application process ensures that our students are successful in receiving a good range of offers and make excellent final choices.  For the past two application years 84% of our leavers have been successful in securing places at their preferred choices of university.

Top Higher Education Destinations

Walthamstow Hall students apply to a wide range of universities and institutions for a particularly diverse selection of courses.  Over the past two years the top 5 Higher Education destinations based on students accepting their university places were Exeter, Durham, Leeds, London and Cardiff.  Other university destinations for Walthamstow Hall during the past two years have included Loughborough, Bristol, Warwick, St. Andrews, Cambridge, Nottingham, Edinburgh and Oxford.

Popular University Courses for Walthamstow Hall Leavers 2016/17

The most popular university courses for leavers in the past two years have been Science, Vetinary, Medicine and related courses, History and Politics and related courses, Geography related courses, and Business and Economics related courses.  For 2016 and 2017 leavers, students wishing to study Medicine and Veterinary Medicine have been successful in securing places at Bristol and The Royal Veterinary School.  Leavers have also taken up degree courses in Business Management, Anthropology, Classics, Fashion Marketing, International Relations, Mathematics, Modern Languages, Politics, Psychology, Civil Engineering, English Literature and Theatre Studies, Law and Architecture.

The one-year Art Foundation course is a popular option for some students who take it before embarking on a variety of other courses, with Camberwell as the most popular final destination for 2017 leavers.  Students have also pursued alternatives to University such as Higher Apprenticeships in fields such as Accountancy.

Gap Year

Students who opt to take a Gap Year are provided with advice on how to gain valuable volunteering and work experience to enhance deferred or future university applications or career choices.