Year 6 Trip May 2013

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Year 6's 'Awesome' Adventure


Year 6 had an 'amazing' time at their three day residential trip to the Bowles Activity Centre last week. The girls took part in a whole range of challenges aimed at developing their team building and leadership skills. Canoeing, skiing, rock climbing and taking the 'leap of faith' were just some of the activities in which they participated with great determination and enthusiasm.

Here are just a few of their thoughts on their time away;

"I had an awesome time at Bowles, I loved every second of it because it was non-stop fun and I was with people I love", Rosie.

"I felt very pleased with myself when I managed to do the Leap of Faith", Eleanor.

"Bowles was amazing, especially the canoeing. My memories of Bowles are unforgettable", Rosa.

"I will never forget finishing each activity, knowing I had done my best and feeling proud that I had", Zoe.

"I really loved working with new people. I had real fun with them", Francesca.

"I had a great time. I really enjoyed all the activities and was upset when it was the last day", Isabel.