JS Head Girl, Deputies and Prefects

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Year 6 Responsibilities Announced


All girls in Year 6 hold positions of responsibility in school. They are expected to show willingness to help, reliability, responsibility, support for each other in the undertaking of their duties and to set a good example to the younger girls.

The Head Girl, Deputy Head Girls and Prefects
New Head Girl Anna and Deputy Head Girls Michela and Olivia will help the prefects represent the school on occasion and Anna will chair the School Council. Harriet, Jessica, Juliette, Mia, Rebecca, Sophie B and Sophie P are the new Prefects who will undertake various duties each day including, the Year 6 rotas, breaktime help for younger girls and assisting in assembly.

Year 6  Monitors
Annabel, Daisy, Emma, Jessica, Lauren and Sophie are the new Year 6 Monitors. Their duties include leading the saying of Grace at lunchtimes, organising the collection of House Points and Merit badges and visiting pre-prep classes.

Alannah, Beatrice, Camille, Charlotte, Francesca, Jemima, Louisa and Sasha are the new Librarians. They will assist in the smooth running of the Library and in creating interesting displays.

Games Captains
Alexa, Alexandra, Danielle and India are our new Games Captains. They will organise teams for the termly inter-house matches and assist the House Captains in charity events.

House Captains
Abigail, Isabelle, Katherine and Madeleine are our House Captains. They will establish a link with their chosen House Charity and organise their House's contribution to the Charity Fiesta. They will assist the Games Captains and represent their House when required.

We wish all of our Year 6 pupils well as they undertake their new responsibilities this year.