Year 5 trip to The Globe Theatre, 5th March 2013

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Year 5 visit the Globe Theatre


As part of their study of Shakespeare, Year 5 visited the Globe Theatre on Tuesday. The trip started with the girls getting a flavour of what the theatre would have been like in Shakespeare's time by looking at the artefacts, models and costumes in the Globe exhibition. The girls then enjoyed a tour of the theatre where they had the opportunity to ask a very knowledgeable guide all of their burning questions about the theatre and how plays are staged today.

For the final part of the day the girls took part in a workshop based upon Julius Caesar, which they have been studying in school. After some warm up activities, which were great fun, the girls created various scenes from the play. The girls played the parts of the Roman townspeople bowing down to Caesar. They also worked in pairs to play the parts of Cassius and Brutus and learnt the lines Shakespeare used.

The girls threw themselves into all the day's activities whole heartedly and clearly gained a better appreciation of Shakespearian theatre returning to school eager to continue their study of Julius Caesar.