Coram Boy Nov 2014

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Coram Boy: Theatrical Fireworks

19 November 2014

Coram Boy Photo Gallery

Cinematic in scope, this sometimes disturbing and haunting production amazed audiences night after night with an inventive interpretation containing eerie singing and strong drama.  A huge cast showcased the enthusiasm on offer and gave every actor a chance to make their mark with epic flair in this powerful adaptation.

Based on Jamila Gavin's 2001 Whitbread award winning novel, this enthralling and moving play with music packed a powerful punch and was a tense tale full of twists and turns.  Coram Boy was produced at the National Theatre in 2005 and directed by Melly Still, later transferring to Broadway and nominated for six Emmys.  We were delighted that Melly Still came to work with us during our later rehearsals.