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The Trojan Women



2002 leaver, classicist and film producer Georgina Paget has been working with Syrian women living in Jordanian  refugee settlements on the acclaimed Trojan Women theatre, radio and film projects.


After leaving Walthamstow Hall in 2002 film producer Georgina Paget read Classics at Christ Church College Oxford from where she embarked on her career in the film industry; script reading and assistant directing before producing her first short films. 


After meeting fellow classicist and former British foreign correspondent Charlotte Eager at a seminar in Cannes, Georgina travelled to Jordan to work on a charitably funded theatrical adaptation of Euripide’s Trojan Women, a production performed in 2013 by Syrian women who had attended drama workshops set up by Charlotte and Georgina in refugee camps in Jordan. Following a ‘virtual tour’ to the US and Switzerland it is hoped that Visas will be granted to the cast to enable them to perform the play in London. A documentary about the project Queens of Syria is tipped to be part of this year’s London Film Festival.


Georgina’s latest project is We Are All Refugees, a radio soap opera telling the stories of the lives of Jordan’s 600,000 Syrian refugees and described by The Times as ‘Jordan’s answer to The Archers’. The project gives refugee women the chance to tell their stories; characters are played largely by members of the refugee community and plotlines are based on interviews with refugees from Jordan’s Zaatari refugee settlement. Each 15 minute episode portrays the issues faced in the camp every day including overcrowding, forced marriage, domestic violence, hunger and loss.  We Are All Refugees is broadcast on local Jordanian station Radio Sourali and on the internet. Georgina is currently raising funds to broadcast an English-language adaptation of the programme.


The drama workshops and Trojan Women play have led in turn to Georgina partnering with the award-winning Palestinian company Philistine Films to produce a contemporary film of the Euripides’ play to be shot on location in Jordan this year with professional actors from Britain, Syria and Palestine and a chorus and supporting cast again played by actors trained through the refugee settlement drama workshops.


A recent article in The Times described The Trojan Women project as ‘a godsend for families in crisis’.


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