English Schools Swimming Association Finals Nov 2013

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Swimmers in UK Top 10!

25 November 2013


English Schools Swimming Association

National Team Championships 2013

Our Year 10 swimmers comprising Sophie Alcock, Isabelle Booth, Isabella Woods and Harriet Reed all swam in the National Finals of the English Schools Association Team Championships at Crystal Palace on Saturday 23rd November.  We had qualified for this event following the Divisional Round held in Watford in October.   

The girls did themselves proud as we were reserve finalists for both of our events i.e. the 200m Freestyle Team and the 200m Medley Team (Backstroke – Sophie Alcock, Breaststroke – Isabelle Booth, Butterfly- Isabella Woods, Freestyle – Harriet Reed).   This means we were just outside the top 8 teams in the country and placed ourselves in 9th  position in the 200m Medley Team and 10th position in the 200m Freestyle Team.  It is worth noting that those top teams were:

Plymouth College,

Kelly College,

Millfield School and Guildford High School.

Walthamstow Hall is proud to have its name amongst these top Swimming Colleges and Schools and our competitors deserve the highest accolade for qualifying amongst these nationally recognised and historically successful swim teams.

We hope to be back again next year to enter this prestigious event and congratulate our swimmers on their fine achievement this year.

It is perhaps fitting that one of the songs playing on a car radio on the way home after the event was:

“Don’t stop Believing”!  

We will not!

Congratulations to the girls on improving their times in both events from our October entries.


Martha Feeley, Walthamstow Hall Swimming Coach