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Summer House Sports Results Announced

5 July 2011

Congratulations to all competitors, supporters and organisers who made this summer's House Sports  such lively and enjoyable occasions full of good humoured competition and team spirit.

House Athletics
1st Penshurst
2nd Down
3rd Quebec
4th Montreal
5th Knole
6th Chartwell

House Junior Rounders
1st Quebec
2nd Penshurst
3rd Montreal
4th Knole
Joint 5th Chartwell and Down

House Senior Rounders
1st Chartwell
2nd Montreal
3rd Penshurst
4th Down
Joint 5th Knole and Quebec

House Swimming
1st Montreal
2nd Down
3rd Knole
4th Quebec
5th Chartwell
6th Penshurst

House Tennis
1st Knole
2nd Montreal
3rd Quebec
Joint 4th Chartwell and Penshurst
5th Down