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Success in the Pool


Walthamstow Hall v Combe Bank, March 1st

Our U9, U10 and U11 swimmers had an impressive and decisive win with results in each age group as follows: U9 WH 39 - CB 21, U10 WH28 - CB32, U11 WH39 - CB21. The overall score (including the squad relay) was:

Walthamstow Hall 112 points - Combe Bank 78 points

Our swimmers gave a stunning performance, once again showing how much they have improved and how their commitment to training is yielding dividends. We had 15 first places out of a total of 19 races which was commendable.

Walthamstow Hall v Kent College, March 8th

Our U8 and U9 swimmers competed in a nail-biting event with much excitement from both swimmers and parents, and the final result was a draw! The results for each age group were: U8 WH59 - KC61 and U9 WH60 - KC58. The overall score (without the squad relay, as time did not permit us to run this event) was:

Walthamstow Hall 119 points - Kent College 119 points

Well done everyone and to those competing for the first time, we hope you enjoyed your introduction to competitive swimming!