Staff v Sixth Form Netball 2017

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Staff vs Sixth Form Netball



In one of the most hotly anticipated netball matches of the season, the U19A team took on a formidable rabble (team) from the Staff Room in their annual charity match yesterday.

There are only two umpires who can keep control of a fixture of this scale and so Miss Taylor was called out of retirement to support Mrs Cameron in keeping the staff in check (and reminding them of the rules!)

Despite entire team changes every quarter, strong support from the crowd, blatant cheating (including fielding a team of 13 players at times!) the Staff were no match for the Sixth Formers who soundly beat them with a definitive final score line of 13 - 7!

Thank you to all players for a very entertaining and lively match and to the very vocal supporters who cheered their teams on so enthusiastically.