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Soft and silent


What a treat; an hour or so spent with owls, learning about how they hunt and watching them fly.

Science teacher Mrs Fewster had organised the visit by Nite Owls for everyone in the Junior School to enjoy.

We saw seven different owls, including barn owls, a white faced scops owl, a little owl and a big African spotted eagle owl.

Erika and Olivia from Nite Owls told us the birds have ears at different heights on their heads, giving them excellent '3D' hearing. It's said an owl can hear a mouse's heartbeat from three metres.

We learnt that owls need to swivel their heads around because they have no muscles to move their eyes.

We even heard Dotty the barn owl give her strange call, more of a bark than a hoot.

Understanding more about these wonderful creatures helps us respect them and care for their environment.