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Science Week

14 May 2018

Awe and wonder take centre stage as we plunge into the packed programme dreamt up by the Science Department this week. This year's theme is Engineering: Bridges, Bones and Bubbles.

How do you make a jelly baby scream?  What's the difference between elements, molecules and compounds?  These questions and more will be answered in The Ship tomorrow, in a show from the The Science Museum on The Material World. 

Chemistry, Biology and Physics Departments will be hosting activities across different days.  Students and staff can visit the Science labs for brain-teasing fun such as engineering the best bubble, discovering what's inside an owl pellett and building your own plane to take home.

The stairwell in the Science Block is decorated with an engineering timeline created by Years 7-9 which starts with the invention of the wheel in Mesopotamia 4000 years ago and takes us right up to The Large Hadron Collider. Students must count the tiny Eiffel Towers hidden in the timeline to qualify for prizes. In other words, they need to study the timeline carefully and not walk past it!

Staff too are invited to describe their 'Engineering Wonder' and its date, to add to the timeline.

There's also a Mystery Object quiz for students - a gallery of photographs of engineering achievements taken from funny angles. 

On offer to the keenest Year 10s (currently sitting their RS exams) are tickets to the Summer Science Show at The Royal Academy.

Ready, steady, go!