Science Week May 2012 Seniors

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Science Week

21 May 2012

This year's Science Week examined the theme of 'Our World in Motion'. Over the course of the week the Science labs were the focus of many different experiments which the whole school, together with pupils from the Junior School and St John's Primary, was invited to take part in.

The week started with an exciting series of experiments on motion in Physics. On Tuesday Chemistry took over, conducting trials which formed part of the Chemistry Global Experiment to test the efficacy of sports drinks. Forty two students ran around the sports field, some having drunk sports drinks and the others just water, interestingly those who drank the sports drinks were on average 1 and a half seconds SLOWER than those who just drank water!

On Wednesday 'Sir Issac Newton' visited students from Years 7, 8 and 9 in The Ship theatre and on Thursday the Biology Department rounded off the week with experiments on movement which included looking at the speed of maggots!