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Science Week: strange materials

16 May 2018

Exploding a paint tin filled with icing sugar, stretching corn flour slime and making a jelly baby scream all happened in The Ship on Tuesday, in a show from The Science Museum.

The event kicked off a day of activities in our Science Week which this year is titled Engineering: Bridges, Bones and Bubbles.

Years 7,8,9 and 10 and Year 5 from the Junior School all came to see Material World, a show examining the properties of different materials. 

Students came to see how our senses help us identify these properties and to understand why materials act in the way they do. The show was given by two very energetic female demonstrators, ably assisted by various audience volunteers. 

At lunchtime, staff and students converged on the Chemistry Department to try to make Eiffel Towers from spaghetti and jelly tots, to engineer the best bubble and to control some slime.

As you can see from the photo, everybody gets stuck in.