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Science in Colour

19 May 2014


The Science of Colour was celebrated and explored in this year's Science Week. Activities in the Chemistry department included forging Old Masters, creating dyes and making fizzing rainbows and kaleidoscope patterns. In Physics, students made traffic lights and a spectrometer and, using a tank, were able to recreate why the sea is blue. The Biology department, meanwhile, investigated colour blindness, camouflage and chromatography.


The highlight of this action-packed science week for students in Years 7 - 9 however was Fran Scott's "Science Misadventures" show in the Ship theatre. Fran is a Scientist who brings science and engineering to life in BBC shows including, 'Dick and Dom's Absolute Genius' and 'Blast Lab'. In her 'Science Misadventures' show Fran's experiments included using copies of the yellow pages to demonstrate the power of friction, firing a light bulb encased in oobleck from a cannon to demonstrate the strength of non-Newtonian fluids and setting fire (safely!) to Mr Dakin's hands! Students loved the explosive experiments and have promised 'not to try this at home'!